Engaging Their Brains!

In order to repair a car, an auto technician first learns how the parts of a car work together.

In order to practice medicine, a doctor first has to spend years learning the parts of the human body and typical human development.

In order to teach a brain to read, those who work with children first need to learn how to engage the systems of the brain to work together to process language.

Neuroscience is proving that learning to read is not a natural act for the brain. Reading is a concise, timed process involving many areas of the brain and, in order to be an effective, efficient reader, this process needs to be automatic.
Since 1974, Specialized Language Development (SLD) Center has been committed to bringing the power of reading, writing, and spelling to all individuals with dyslexia or other unique learning styles, enabling them to achieve their full potential.  Two years ago , SLD Center introduced “Engage Their Brains!”  workshops to support parents, educators and other community members who work with children in understanding the complex development of reading. Last year, SLD Center expanded those workshops to include a full menu of Professional Development opportunities in the areas of Orton-Gillingham, literacy, and multisensory language instruction.  Today, we bring our expertise to The Web.
Welcome to Engaging Their Brains!, SLD Center’s new blog, a venue for sharing activities, research, tips, tools and techniques for bringing multisensory reading, writing and/or spelling into the lives of those around you!

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