Language Connections to the Kid Friendly Guide to ArtPrize

Our friends at have taken the time to scour the 1,500 ArtPrize entries for 2012 for those that were the most kid friendly. They have selected 21 of these entries and created a walking tour map. You can find the map and details on their website, or click: 2012 Kids ArtPrize Tour.

Bring in the Reading

One of the most powerful ways parents can contribute to the reading success of their children is through speaking. Yes, speaking and conversation! Assisting a child with organizing and expanding their verbal expression provides them with a stronger foundation for reading and writing. Conversation builds stronger neurological connections in the brain, builds vocabulary, and can strengthen grammar and overall communication skills. These skills are all vital to reading comprehension, memory and success in school and on the job. Bonus: it helps strengthen the adults brains too!

ArtPrize is an excellent venue for conversation starters and it’s FREE! Take advantage of this rich community resource and enjoy building reading skills without blood, sweat or tears along the way.

Intimidated? Don’t worry; we’ll help this year. Over the next few weeks, we’ll post ideas and suggestions for cuing the reading skills through ArtPrize. Let us know how it goes and ENJOY!

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