2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour: Stop #3

For those who are at all nervous or worried about getting “teacher block” on their tours of ArtPrize, here’s the next phase of our ArtPrize for Kids: Language Connections Guide for 2012. Thanks again to our friends at grkids.com for the work done on creating the Tour!

Here are picks from Stop #3 of the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour . For each, we’ve added some language prompts for building those neural pathways for all ages. Feel free to comment with your responses, a child’s response or additional questions – and ENJOY!

#3: Grand Rapids Public Museum
272 Pearl Street NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Some overall questions for this stop:

  • How are the exhibits at this stop alike?
  • How are the exhibits at this stop different?
  • Focus on a colors: what colors do you see at this stop?
  • How is this stop alike or different from Stops 1 & 2?

The Sea Worm Named Lagarfljtsormur

  • That’s a pretty tough name to pronounce. What would you call it for short?
  • Where is Iceland? What’s the weather like there?
  • Is that sea worm longer than our couch? Your bed? Our car?
  • How many syllables is in that Sea Worm’s name? [5]
  • Have you ever heard of a sea worm?
  • What do you think they might feel like in real life?
  • Do you think sea worms that big exist in real life?

Chopper at LARGE 

  • What words besides big, large or giant can we come up with to describe the size of this motorcycle?
  • How loud do you think it would be if it started right now?
  • How many circles can you find (or think are there)?
  • Can you think of anyone (real or fiction) who might be big enough to ride this motorcycle?
  • Which buildings might be usable for a garage for this motorcycle?
  • How much gas do you think it would take to run?
  • Does it remind you of any stories you know?

Making a Wish –  A 16 foot dandelion. The stem and seed head frame are to be made of stainless steel alloy and the bouquet is made of custom designed, hand cut kiln formed glass. Craig Mitchell Smith

  • How can we fully describe this flower? What kind is it? What shape(s) do you see? How big is it? What colors do you see?
  • What other flowers can you name?
  • Where might we see these when they are real?
  • If a real dandelion was this big and you blew those fluffs off, how far do you think they’d travel? Across the street? To the river? To the penguins at the Ford Museum? To our house?
  • Why do you think it’s called Making a Wish?
  • Does this remind you of any stories you know?


Follow-up activities could include looking up information on motorcycles or sea worms; check out a book or video about folklore and/or Iceland; write a story; describing one of the pieces to someone who wasn’t there with you; or just a “Hey, what do you remember about that sea worm we saw at ArtPrize?”

Norse Folktale Based For Older Readers at Grand Rapids Public Library

Next: The Blue Bridge, Stop #4 on the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour

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