2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour: Stop #5

For those who are at all nervous or worried about getting “teacher block” on their tours of ArtPrize, here’s the next phase of our ArtPrize for Kids: Language Connections Guide for 2012. Thanks again to our friends at grkids.com for the work done on creating the Tour!

Here are picks from Stop #5 of the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour . For each, we’ve added some language prompts for building those neural pathways for all ages. Feel free to comment with your responses, a child’s response or additional questions – and ENJOY!

#5: Riverfront Plaza Building High Five
55 Campau Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Some overall questions for this stop:

  • How are the exhibits at this stop alike?
  • How are the exhibits at this stop different?
  • How is this stop alike or different from the stops we’ve already visited?

Column Within

  • These types of columns (not the kind in a magazine or spreadsheet) are usually found on buildings or as part of architecture. Where else have you seen columns before?
  • How can you describe the shadows inside the column?
  • Did they surprise you?
  • Do they remind you of somewhere else you have visited or a story you know?
  • How do you think this one might be different if it was outside?


Follow-up activities could include looking up information on types of columns (these also connect to Greek and Roman mythology); writing a story; describing one of the pieces to someone who wasn’t there with you; or trying to model at home (a smaller version with clay or paper towel rolls, tissue paper and a flashlight).

Columns and Greek Architecture

A Different Type of Column


Next: The B.O.B., Stop #6 on the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour

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