2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour: Stop #9

You can support reading and language development while you tour ArtPrize without creating anxiety for struggling readers. Here’s the next phase of our ArtPrize for Kids: Language Connections Guide for 2012. Thanks again to our friends at grkids.com for the work done on creating the Tour!

Here are picks from Stop #9 of the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour . For each, we’ve added some language prompts for building those neural pathways for all ages. Feel free to comment with your responses, a child’s response or additional questions – and ENJOY!

#9: Weston Open Space (click link for site image)

39 Iona Avenue SW Grand Rapids MI 49503

Some overall questions for this stop:

  • How are the exhibits at this stop alike?
  • How are the exhibits at this stop different?
  • How is this stop alike or different from the stops we’ve already visited?

Floral Flourish

  • How many flowers do you see?
  • How are they all alike?
  • How are they different?
  • The petals are the “flower” parts. How would you describe the petals on these flowers?
  • Which parts are the stems or stalks?
  • If these were real, what do you think they would smell like?
  • What other flowers can you name?
  • What other flower sculptures have you seen? How were those like these? How were they different?
  • Flourish means to grow in a healthy or vigorous (active) way. What kinds of things help flowers flourish?
  • Where would you plant these at our house/home if they were real?
  • Do these sculptures remind you of any stories you know or any other art you’ve seen?


Follow-up activities could include looking up information on how to grow flowers; creating sculptures with recycled materials; describing the flowers to someone who wasn’t there with you.

At Kent District Library

Grand Rapids Public Library

Some Flower Poetry

How Flowers Flourish

Next: SITE: LAB @ 54 Jefferson, Stop #10 on the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour

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