2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour: Stop #13

Are you tired yet or are you starting the tour here? Either way, you can support children in your life to be ready for reading, and/or building stronger critical thinking skills, through discussion as you travel with them through ArtPrize.

Here’s the next phase of our ArtPrize for Kids: Language Connections Guide for 2012. Thanks again to our friends at grkids.com for the work done on creating the Tour!

Here are picks from Stop #13 of the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour . For each, we’ve added some language prompts for building those neural pathways for all ages. I’ve also put some notes for some questions in brackets [ ] after. Feel free to comment with your responses, a child’s response or additional questions – and ENJOY!

#13: Select Bank
60 Monroe Center Grand Rapids MI 49503

Some overall questions for this stop:

  • How are the exhibits at this stop alike?
  • How are the exhibits at this stop different?
  • How is this stop alike or different from the stops we’ve already visited?

Full Bloom

  • How would you describe these colors? Be creative; just green or purple would not do them justice!
  • What other things can you think of that are that same color of purple? That same color of green? Of blue? Of yellow?
  • Why do you suppose so many artists use flowers as inspiration?
  • How many butterflies can you find?
  • How many ladybugs?
  • How many caterpillars?
  • Do you think that caterpillar might turn into a butterfly some day?
  • What did the flower start out as? [a seed]
  • Why do you think the artist calls the piece “Full Bloom”?
  • What does bloom mean?
  • Can you think of any words that rhyme with bloom?
  • Butterfly and ladybug are both compound words [two small words that make up part of a larger word]. Can you think of any other compound words?
  • Can you think of any words that rhyme with flower?
  • What would you name this flower? Does it remind you of any you’ve seen before?
  • This one is called a fantasy flower. What does fantasy mean? [not real] What other things are common in fantasy? [dragons, mermaids, spaceships, unicorns]
  • Does this piece remind you of any others we’ve seen at ArtPrize?
  • Does it remind you of any stories you know or places you’ve been?


Follow-up activities could include looking up information on flowers or insects; researching life cycles; drawing a different flower in full bloom; looking for objects with the same vibrant colors; looking for flowers in full bloom on a nature walk or in pictures; describing this entry to someone who wasn’t there with you.

Colorful Art that includes a Caterpillar

Studying Invertebrates

People Bloom Too

For Teens

Next: Independent Bank, Stop #14 on the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour

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