2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour: Stop #15

The next phase of our ArtPrize for Kids: Language Connections Guide for 2012. Thanks again to our friends at grkids.com for the work done on creating the Tour!

Here are picks from Stop #15 of the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour . For each, we’ve added some language prompts for building those neural pathways for all ages. Just a note – you don’t have to ask all the question! Pick the ones that work for you!!

#15: Grand Rapids Art Museum
101 Monroe Center Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Some overall questions for this stop:

  • How are the exhibits at this stop alike?
  • How are the exhibits at this stop different?
  • How is this stop alike or different from the stops we’ve already visited?


  • What colors do you see?
  • The faces show up as shadows. Can you create any images with shadows?
  • These are made with origami paper. Do you know what origami is? [the art of paper folding]
  • This artist uses squares. Where else could we find a lot of squares?
  • This piece shows the silhouettes of people around Grand Rapids. Do you know where else we could find art or images of people around town?
  • Does this piece remind you of any stories you know?


  • How many elephants do you see?
  • What other animals can you find?
  • Elephant starts with the /eh/ sound. Can you find anything else that starts with that sound?
  • The elephants were drawn life size. Do you think any of the other animals are real-life size?
  • If this was real, what do you think we might hear? What might we smell?
  • This piece was all drawn with pencil. How long do you think it took her? What kinds of things do you think you could spend that much time doing?
  • This piece is a triptych (trip-tick). That means a picture that is created in three panels. Can you see the three different panels? What’s different about each of these panels?
  • A menagerie [men-a-jer-ee] is a collection of wild or foreign animals kept especially for exhibition. How does that description fit this piece?
  • Does this piece remind you of any stories you know?

Drawing Apparatus 

  • An apparatus is a complicated device or tool. Can you think of anything else we could call an apparatus?
  • Revolution means one complete turn. What happens as the device makes its turns?
  • Have you ever seen tools like this one?
  • How would you describe the drawing this device is making?
  • Do you see any shapes?
  • Does this remind you of any stories you know?


Follow-up activities could include looking up information on elephants or other wild animals; researching turntables or music players; creating some shadow images; creating silhouettes by tracing shadows onto paper; trying some origami projects; spirograph is a “vintage” toy that used to make images like the turntable piece – they even have them for sidewalk chalk in some places; trying to create a triptotych by drawing or making a three panel collage;  describing one of these pieces to someone who wasn’t there with you.

Some Origami Extensions





Force and Motion and Art

Creating Revolution Based Art


Includes machines (automaton) that draw

Next: Fifth Third Bank/Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, Stop #16 on the 2012 Kids’ ArtPrize Tour

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