In the Words of a Dystinctive Thinker

Dyslexia Toolkit available at

This October, the National Council for Learning Disabilities is spotlighting Dyslexia. They’ve developed a toolkit that includes resources and tools for understanding dyslexia, recognizing common warning signs in children of all ages and in adults, and learning what steps to take if you think you or your child may have dyslexia.

One chapter of this toolkit includes an interview with Ben Foss, a proud, DYStinctive Thinker.

Ben Foss

Some DYStinctive Words From Ben Foss

NCLD: Despite your dyslexia, you’ve worked for the White House National Economic Council, and the Children’s Defense Fund, and you’ve earned graduate degrees from Stanford. How did you build the necessary confidence to thrive, despite the daily challenges of your LD?

Ben Foss: Not despite dyslexia. Because of my dyslexia I functioned well in these professional environs. I learned to pay attention to what matters in an academic or a professional setting. I knew that I could not read an entire book, so I would prioritize, reading only the most important chapter. In the White House, no one has enough time, so being able to prioritize and delegate is critical. I also learned to engage people and understand their roles. This is how I navigated third grade. I understood that the resource room teacher was my ticket to getting through spelling tests, not the general ed
classroom teacher. The same applied at the Children’s Defense Fund. The budget director of the organization is critical to supporting my budget requests, not the executive
director, and so on.

From the NCLD Dyslexia Toolkit Chapter 12: How Self-Advocacy Can Lead to Innovation: An Interview with Ben Foss

Thank you Ben Foss. The world is a different place because of your DYStinctive Thinking!

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