GR Coffee Breaks2nd Tuesday of the Month10:30 am

GR Coffee Breaks
2nd Tuesday of the Month
10:30 am

I have felt so alone in the process of working with the school and knowing what to do to help my child with reading. I knew he is smart, but still couldn’t read. I wish I could talk more with people who “get it”.

We have heard this from many times, so for 2013 we have set aside a time just for parents!  Daytime Parent Coffee Breaks have begun at our Grand Rapids Office. Join us on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 10:30 am – 11:30 am at Cascade Office Park, Suite 230. Coffee Breaks are an informal time to network with SLD experts, staff and other parents.

Evening or weekend Breaks will be scheduled following the first of the year as will Kalamazoo area Breaks.

Our first Coffee Break was December and topics discussed included:

  • Differences between IEP and 504 Plan
  • What are realistic accommodations and how to know
  • Short-term goals vs. long-term goals, particularly as often an IEP seems short term (one school year) as opposed to life-long skills
  • Balancing that “but they are getting good grades” with the concerns over weak(er) areas and anxiety building
  • Documenting accommodations, including when we are helping with homework outside of school

Do you have questions or tips to share? Feel free to join our blog community and/or join us at Coffee Break!

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